LEED Project Management

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Our team of accredited LEED® experts can help you earn your building credits certification.


LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” and provides quantitative measures for evaluating building performance and meeting sustainability goals.

The LEED Green Building Rating System™ a voluntary standard that defines high performance green buildings—which are healthier, more environmentally responsible, and more profitable structures. Credits for certification can be earned in various categories, each with a unique focus on sustainable design: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, and innovation and design process.

About Our LEED Services

[foundry_tabs type=”button-tabs vertical” icon=”none”][foundry_tabs_content icon=”” title=”LEED EBOM Recertification”]LEED for Existing Buildings Operations & Maintenance (EBOM) recertification is required at least every 5 years to retain LEED EBOM certification. The goal of LEED recertification is to verify facility operations in order to maintain and improve building performance over time.

Don’t let your hard work of achieving EBOM go to waste! EBS will help you stay on top of your EBOM policies, and is your partner in completing the steps towards achieving LEED recertification, including:

  • • Perform audits, surveys and testing at least once every five years to track the ongoing performance of your current policies
  • • Update policies and pursue additional credits in order to comply with the latest LEED EBOM rating system
  • • Increase your building’s certification level by pursuing additional credits
  • • New credits being pursued follow the same establishment and performance periods as initial certification

[/foundry_tabs_content][foundry_tabs_content icon=”” title=”LEED for Building Design + Construction (BD+C)”]Having written the new version of the LEED BD+C exam and created the LEED EDGE project management software, our ability to streamline a new construction project’s certification process will reduce soft cost project certification fees. We currently provide guidance under the LEED for New Construction, LEED for Core & Shell, and LEED for Schools Rating Systems.

(LEED EDGE BD+C Systems)

  • LEED for New Construction & Major Renovations 2009
  • LEED for Schools
  • LEED for Core and Shell Development 2009

[/foundry_tabs_content][foundry_tabs_content icon=”” title=”LEED for Interior Design & Construction (ID+C)”]As a result of internal efficiency and LEED EDGE we find our prices are generally half that of our competitors – this has resulted in partnerships with property management and contractors throughout the country who have previously felt pressured to value engineer LEED out of a project because of high LEED Consulting fees.

(LEED EDGE ID+C Systems)

  • LEED for Commercial Interiors 2009
  • LEED for Retail Interiors (coming soon)

[/foundry_tabs_content][foundry_tabs_content icon=”” title=”LEED for Existing Buildings Operations & Maintenance (EBO+M)”]LEED EBOM is where the green building movement is headed. In order to meet the obligations of reducing energy consumption and improving lifestyle we must address the 99% of the market that is our existing building stock. Combining our Commissioning, ENERGY STAR, and Energy Audit Services with a LEED for Existing Buildings Certification, we provide a powerful combination resulting in the reduction of operating expenses with minimized capital requirements.


  • LEED for Existing Buildings Operations & Maintenance 2009
  • LEED for Existing Schools (coming soon)

[/foundry_tabs_content][foundry_tabs_content icon=”” title=”LEED for Neighborhood Development (ND)”]LEED ND is a complex system that incorporates several development factors that other systems are incapable of realizing. As some of the first LEED for Neighborhood Development Accredited Professionals, we strive to work with project teams at development conception to reduce project certification costs as well as soft cost consulting fees. Please contact one of the Principals to find out more about our Neighborhood Development Consulting Program.[/foundry_tabs_content][foundry_tabs_content icon=”” title=”LEED EDGE”]LEED EDGE is a project management software we developed internally after seeing how much “paper pushing” was occurring during the LEED certification process. Many consultancies were accruing 6 and 7 digit sums for their consulting hours – all which added to project costs and increase the first cost component. This has led to people thinking LEED is costly in the neighborhood of 1-5% of construction costs. Call us to see how an efficient LEED Consultant works – seriously! (415.329.7100). Learn more »[/foundry_tabs_content][foundry_tabs_content icon=”” title=”Design Charrette”]A Design Charrette is a forum for project team members to connect and influence design and planning decisions. Besides generating excitement for the project, the meetings encourage agreement on crucial issues and facilitate an integrated approach with the goal of meeting both design and sustainability goals. Environmental Building Strategies prefers to conduct charrettes early in the design process to stimulate integrated design where reduced project costs, schedules, and the best energy and environmental performances are the results. According to the National Resource Defense Council, “though many types of developers make use of charrettes, these workshops are particularly helpful in green building projects, where a well-integrated design is vital to meeting the goals of the project and keeping costs down. Charrettes provide a creative, highly focused atmosphere where your project team can discuss environmental goals, including LEED certification, and come up with an overall green building strategy.”[/foundry_tabs_content][/foundry_tabs]


We’d love to speak with you about your sustainability goals.

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