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LEED GAP Analysis/Feasibility

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LEED GAP Analyses is the basis for making sustainable improvements to existing facilities or for planning the construction of new ones. A GAP analysis compares current conditions to optimal conditions and uses the “gap” between the two to determine profitability. GAP strategies can estimate overall lifetime costs for project alternatives, enabling EBS to advise the most appropriate triple bottom line design, renovation, or certification process.

LEED EBOM GAP Anlayses allow our clients to make informed decisions. Rather than simply listing potential points your building can qualify for, EBS’ “rack and stack” approach to assessments provides each credit, its requirements, both the hard and soft costs of pursuing those credits, and an all told cost figure for achieving LEED Certification at the various levels (i.e. Silver, Gold, etc.). This format provides the most transparent approach to a process (EBOM Certification) that is otherwise complicated to understand for novice audiences.

EBS will provide:

  • • List of credits your project can qualify for (with little or no changes)

  • • Action List of necessary tasks to qualify under the LEED EBO&M criteria

  • • Analysis of the soft & hard costs and description of the associated benefits

  • • An all LEED AP staff of experts with experience on 100+ LEED projects

  • • The ability to hire us for outside services such as ASHRAE 62.1 calculations or ASHRAE Level I/II Energy Audits

Furthermore, this analysis will include a price for retaining the services of Environmental Building Strategies for the LEED Project Management & Certification under LEED for Existing Building Operations & Maintenance 2009 criteria.

NOTE: 100% of the costs of these studies will be credited if using our firm for the associated full scope of work (e.g. LEED Project Management & Certification) following the study results.

For a new build project you can expect a similar format where our team will review project drawings, specs and timelines to analyze the project’s ability to qualify under various certification criteria.

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