Synaptics – LEED NC, Energy Modeling, Cx


Synaptics is a developer of electronic human interface solutions that are installed in over one billion devices worldwide. Its new San Jose headquarters campus includes 160,755 total sq. ft. throughout three buildings that all incorporate sustainable building practices to achieve LEED certification.

Undergoing major renovations on the existing buildings, Synaptics took a unique approach to LEED certification and pursued LEED for New Construction (NC). Despite the additional requirements of LEED NC and the challenges faced in optimizing an existing building to meet new construction standards, pursuing LEED NC encouraged Synaptics to dive deeper into sustainable opportunities for energy efficiency, natural daylighting and native landscaping.

EBS was brought in early during the project’s design phase in order to maximize sustainable opportunities and minimize cost from the start.  EBS’ sustainability services included energy modeling, fundamental commissioning (FCx) and LEED certification consulting. By pursuing sustainable building practices, Synaptics affirms its commitment to reducing its impact on natural resources and improving the health of its employees within the building.

Sustainability Goals and Features:

  • 12% energy reduction below 2008 CA Nonresidential Building Energy Efficiency Standards
  • Reused 95% of the existing structure for materials and resource efficiency objectives
  • 75% of construction waste was recycled/salvaged
  • 30% Reduction in indoor water use through efficient plumbing fixtures
  • 50% reduction in outdoor water use through water efficient landscaping technologies and practices
  • 90% of occupied building utilizes lighting controls
  • Installation of showers, bike storage facilities and electrical vehicle charging stations to encourage alternative transportation options
  • Cafeteria food is all sourced local and organic to help augment the health of employees
  • Installed a volleyball court, exercise room and a “wellness walk” around the whole facility to encourage health and fitness


Owner: Synaptics
Architect: CAS Architects
General Contractor: MAI Industries
Builder: Walters & Wolf
Structural Engineer: Biggs Cardosa Associates
Civil Engineer: Kier & Wright
Landscape Architect: Reed Associates

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